“Great Moves” is a new blended learning textbook from the NSCF that teaches chess and social studies. Tracing the development of chess from its origins in ancient India, the authors take the student on a far-ranging journey through the palaces of medieval and Renaissance Europe to the cafés of the Enlightenment and the dawn of the Industrial Age, with a focus on the leading personalities of the royal game and on their contributions to understanding of it. Rogues and champions, tragic as well as inspirational human stories all serve as the backdrop for illustrative games and exercises of increasing complexity highlighting their discoveries, and invite the student to grasp the potential of chess to fascinate.

Over 370 pages with color diagrams and extensive illustrations throughout,  “Great Moves” is targeted to aspiring chess players with a middle school reading level or above. Comprehension questions and chess problems are interspersed throughout the text allowing the book to be used both in a classroom setting and as a self-study/home school text. In a foreword to students, the authors quote former world champion Dr. Max Euwe who wrote, “The development of a chess player runs parallel with chess itself; a study of the history of playing methods therefore has great practical value.” But for the National Scholastic Chess Federation, the goal goes beyond just encouraging stronger chess players; it is to expand the role of chess within general education and to inspire students to take the critical thinking skills learned on the chessboard and to apply them to the broader world.  

Written by Sunil Weeramantry, Alan Abrams and Robert McLellan, “Great Moves: Learning Chess Through History” is published by Mongoose Press. You can order your copy today through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your favorite bookseller, or by using the Donation link on our site. It's the first item on our list and we'll pay the shipping! For multi-copy orders, please contact Robert via email. Over the next few weeks, the authors will be creating a website with bonus materials including additional resources for teachers and we are hopeful that many of our early readers will share their reviews for use on the new Great Moves site as well as on Amazon.

Want a preview of what's inside, plus bonus material? Check out our Bublup roll

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