The 2016 Westchester County Scholastic Chess Championships were held at Church Street Elementary in White Plains on Saturday, March 5. Over 100 students from all grades competed for both individual and team prizes. Here are most of the top prize winners:

Nicklaus Breslin from Pelham HS (right) won the combined Middle School/High School section with a perfect 4-0 score.

Interestingly, the top finish in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grades were also all won with the only perfect scores in each section! 

The 2016 2nd Grade Champion is Xiao Xiao Heelan from Prospect Hill Elementary (pictured at left).

The 3rd Grade champ is Luis Joshua Casenas from Hutcheson School, while Dominic Mulraine from Mamaroneck won secured the Grade 4 title. Dominic attends Greenwich Country Day School. Jared Schwartz from Solomon Schecter won the Grade 5 Championship, also with a perfect score.  (The boys are pictured from left to right.)

In the K-1 section, the Westchester County Championship went to Lucas Gootzeit from Westorchard Elementary School who won with a score of 3.5 out of 4. County titles were open to players who either reside or go to school in Westchester County. Top honors for the day went to Charles Doyle who won the section with a 4 & 0; Charles is also in the lead for the section in this year's NSCF Grand Prix. 




Team awards were also presented. The 2016 Westchester County K-3 Championship school award went to Concord Road Elementary School comprised of Joshua Sanders and brothers Menya and Mich Obia.

Pictured at right, the Grade 4 and Up title went to Bronxville with a team comprised of Nicholas Bianco, Liam Angeline and Charlie Vail.

The Middle School / High School section individual winners (l to r): Nicklas Breskin, Nicholas Bianco, Danielle Sharp, Luis-Jaime Casenas, Liam Angeline, Charlie Vail, August Alexander and Benjamin Aybar. 

The 5th grade winners (l to r): Jared Schwartz, Aurelius Mlynar, Zahia Bashar, Larisa Breskin, Jason Zheng, Ozzie Kelly-Youh and Timmy Meyer. 

For complete results, visit our Tournaments section and select Results: Current Year.  

Thanks to our Tournament Director Polly Wright for doing double duty and providing great photos of our top prize winners.

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