Online Chess Classes

The National Scholastic Chess Foundation offers online chess classes for different levels of chess ability.

More advanced classes require passing a placement test or instructor permission prior to starting the class.

Please see our current offerings below. We trust there are options of days, times and level that work for your chess playing children.

Please note: Our classes are not self-study and they are not large lecture halls. We provide live instruction and supervised chess play with no pre-recorded sessions. We believe in the power of personal interaction between our experienced instructors and the students. We limit class sizes so students still get to interact with their peers but are not lost in a crowd.

Class fees include our new NSCF Academy which includes online resources for self-study as a supplement to the live small group instruction.

Classes typically require a minimum of 8 registrants; otherwise the class can be canceled or re-scheduled. Most classes have a maximum of 12-14 students to ensure lots of individual attention.

Before Registering, Parents Please Note:

Our registration system requires a separate order for each child. We also require a separate email address for each child (it can be a spouse’s email or a second personal email for you and you enter it where it says Child’s Email address. If you have only 1 child registering, put the same email address where it asks for Child’s Email and Parent’s Email. 

The way the NSCF Academy software works (and all WordPress programs) is that each user needs a unique email address. One reason is security. Another is convenience. If the user ever forgets his or her password, he/she can just click the Forgot password link and the system will automatically send a new one or a link to reset.

For a description of each class, click the picture or the title below. Or you can go directly to the order page by click Add to Cart.

Sorry – There are No Online Classes open at this time.