Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

Since 2014, the NSCF has developed a community chess initiative that serves schools and community program partners across Broward County, Florida. Now housed within The Sunrise Center for Excellence in Chess, the Next Move Chess Initiative has been generously supported by sponsors and partners from across Broward County. The NSCF and Broward Education Foundation would like to thank:







Mr. Daniel Yarur

Joseph & Lena Gershenov

Benjamin Gershenov

and Robert W. Barron, Esquire 




In addition, NSCF would like to thank the Board and the great staff of The Broward Education Foundation for embracing the Next Move Chess vision and finding a home for it under their Innovative Teaching programs. We look forward to many more years working together to better the lives of Broward County's schoolchildren. 

Recommended books for beginning players.

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