After School Chess Programs

Enrichment Programs That Are Fun & Educational

In addition to “in-the-curriculum” chess classes, the NSCF offers weekly after-school (or before school) chess clubs in schools throughout Westchester County, New York and the greater Greenwich area of Connecticut, as well as in Broward County, Florida. Enrichment classes are also available online for schools and community programs everywhere.

NSCF classes offer a balance between formal lessons and structured play time where students are paired with opponents of similar strength. Instructors offer helpful comments on the games students have played to encourage application of the concepts taught in the lessons. Students have fun and gain new skills for the chess board and for life.

The image above is from our programs at Bronxville schools where the NSCF provides after school chess for students from the earliest years up to middle and high school. Some of the students pursue chess competitively playing in local and national tournaments.

Most extra-curricular chess programs are offered in partnership with the school’s Parent-Teacher Association. To help PTAs manage the program, the NSCF offers a secure online-registration system. Participating schools are given a dedicated link and a password that the PTA can distribute to parents to facilitate online registration. Of course, many schools still choose to collect payment from the parents and that works too.

If you are interested in bringing high-quality chess instruction to your school, for before or after school, during lunch times, or online, please contact us by email: or telephone: (914) 683-5322.