Danny Rade is a USCF Candidate Master who has been playing chess since before he could read. Growing up in New York in the 90’s, Danny played in many of the same tournaments in which his students now play, enabling him to draw on his own childhood experiences when teaching and coaching young players. In both 5th and 7th grade, Danny finished in second place at the National K-12 Championships. At 14 years old, he reached his peak national ranking of #14 in the U.S. for his age group.

Danny graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in ‘09 with a BA in Psychology and Economics and has been working as an NSCF Instructor for 10 years. Although constantly trying to improve himself and his instructing techniques, Danny prides himself on being patient and empathetic, yet engaging and charismatic. According to Danny, “there is no better feeling than a student coming to me and raving about how he just played a game of chess and won because he used some technique that I showed him.”

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