Instructor Jon Rigal

Jon Rigai is an Expert chess player with over 25 years' playing experience and almost 10 years of coaching experience. He is a former student of the late Grandmaster William J. Lombardy (1937–2017), Bobby Fischer's former teacher.

According to Jon, the most important lessons that he took from his time with Grandmaster Lombardy was to: (1) make sure that he was always well prepared for any upcoming competition that he would participate in; and (2) to use the Eidetic imagery technique regarding the study of positions, patterns and games. This technique is used by all top level players when they study master level games. Jon constantly emphasizes these concepts to his students on a daily basis to instill good habits within them.

In 2016, Jon led the Bronxville team to a sixth place finish (out of over 300 teams) in the K-6 Elementary Nationals and, in 2019, he coached Columbus Elementary to a first place finish in the U1000 section at Elementary Nationals. Jon has also coached several regional scholastic chess champions, and regularly sees his students advance 100 rating points or more within just a few months. 

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