I have served as a public educator for over 45 years; for the last 35 years I served as an elementary school principal. In my second year at the Lincoln Elementary School in Mount Vernon, NY, two of my staff members thought it was a good idea to introduce our students to the game of chess. As a result of the efforts of the National Scholastic Chess Foundation, a small group of students was able to compete in tri-state tournaments. After winning several, a benefactor donated a substantial amount of money to the NSCF so they could offer chess lessons to every child in the school. Although my school was a typical city school with statistics that some would attribute to failure, we became one of the top performing schools in New York State. As reported in The New York Times, we outperformed some of the elite schools in America. 

As part of our commitment to educating the “whole child” academically, socially, culturally and morally, the instruction by NSCF staff was a key contributor to this success. I have now expanded the NSCF chess program to my new school in Tuckahoe, NY.

– George Albano, Principal

William E. Cottle School, Tuckahoe, NY 

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