About NSCF Tournaments

Learning Through Competition

NSCF chess tournaments are a great way for aspiring players to put their knowledge to the test and to develop life skills too!

Our NSCF Chess Tournaments Promote:

Social Connections – Players interact with other players and can form new friendships.

Emotional Growth – Chess players can experience positive and negative feelings during and after a game. Learning to deal with these emotions is an important step for every child. Further, the structured environment encourages understanding the rules, and being comfortable in asserting one’s own rights during a game. Many rules require players to speak up for themselves.

Competition – Tournaments are challenging and help players improve their game. Players who record their moves are able to have their games analyzed and learn from their mistakes.

Each school year NSCF produces tournaments in Westchester County, NY and in Greenwich, CT.

NSCF scholastic tournaments are open to all students (K-12). In addition to prizes for each tournament, these events also earn Grand Prix points which reward highly active and high-scoring tournament players for their performance over multiple events. Grand Prix points are tabulated after the last tournament of the school year with awards presented early in the following school year. For more information, see “What do I need to know about the Grand Prix?” near the bottom of our Tournaments FAQ page.

Rated versus Unrated Sections

All of our tournaments are rated by USChess, the governing body for competitive chess in America. A current USChess membership is required to play in rated sections.

If your child is joining USChess for the first-time or has an expired membership, we have made arrangements for a special one-year membership discount. You can purchase this when you register for an event. (On the first page of our registration form, there is a link that says “Click here to join.”)

For younger players, we also offer novice sections (K-1 Novice and 2-3 Novice) that are not rated.

Hunter Tournaments

In addition to the NSCF tournaments, each year we administer 7 tournaments for Hunter College Campus Schools, in Manhattan.

You can register for all of our tournaments by clicking the links within the Tournaments section.

Many NSCF students also participate in State and National scholastic tournaments. Some of these are included in our Tournaments listing, but we do not handle the registration.

Please remember the following:
(1) Your registration is not confirmed until you receive a confirming email.
(2) Please bring a copy of the confirming email to the tournament in case there is a question.
(3) Tournament players, please check your section start time, plan to arrive 20 minutes prior to the scheduled start time, and check the pre-registration list to make sure your name is on it.


The NSCF also produces free tournaments as part of its community program initiatives in Florida. Events are unrated and are scheduled throughout the school year.

The National Scholastic Chess Foundation is a USChess affiliate (A6009974). Hunter Chess is also a USChess affiliate (H6018332).