It's finally printed! After almost 3 years of diligent work, our book "Great Moves: Learning Chess Through History" is finally printed and on its way to the USA. (Why is it always a "slow boat from China"?)

Here's the back cover copy and some great endorsements from two of our early readers:

“The development of a chess player runs parallel with chess itself; a study of the history of playing methods therefore has great practical value.” – Former World Chess Champion, Grandmaster Dr. Max Euwe

What’s the best way to learn chess? Great Moves: Learning Chess Through History blends the intricacies of chess play with the game’s compelling and colorful history, putting real people at the 64 squares. Tracing the development of chess from its origins in ancient India, the authors take the student on a far-ranging journey through the palaces of medieval and Renaissance Europe to the cafés of the Enlightenment and the dawn of the Industrial Age, with a focus on the leading personalities of the royal game and on their contributions to understanding of it. Rogues and champions, tragic as well as inspirational human stories all serve as the backdrop for illustrative games and exercises of increasing complexity highlighting their discoveries, and invite the student to grasp the potential of chess to fascinate. Much more than a primer for beginning chess players and their teachers, Great Moves shines a light on the lives of famous players of bygone eras, helping experienced players to fi ll in the gaps in their chess culture.

“Sunil Weeramantry & Co. have delivered a long needed scholastic workbook that places chess within the history of ideas and brings students into practical contact with the evolution of chess thought.” – Dr. Jeff Bulington, Nationally Recognized Chess Educator

“An exciting new idea which makes the game’s rich history come alive, I can see Great Moves becoming as popular with adults as it will surely be for students.” – Judit Polgar, Grandmaster and Chess Educator

While the book does not officially hit bookstores (and the web) until November, we will have some advance copies from this first shipment that we'd like to get to our students (past & present) and their families. Order directly: donate $35 (or more) to NSCF and we'll send you a copy (includes postage)We expect to be shipping sometime in September.

Be the first to see a truly unique text that teaches chess and social studies as a blended learning project.

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