Our Anniversary appeal supports the NSCF's curriculum development programs helping to expand the use of chess to improve outcomes in American education.

Over the past two years, the NSCF has developed and piloted a teacher training program comprised of two eight-hour workshops and additional online support. Over 370 teachers in schools and community programs in Broward County, Florida have completed at least one workshop. Dozens of free chess programs in schools, summer camps and other centers serving young people have opened throughout the county. You can read our first year report by clicking here. Your support will help us take this program to other communities across the nation. (We've already trained 30 teachers in Fresno County, California!)

In addition, Sunil and the NSCF team have been writing a new blended learning textbook that teaches chess and social studies. Entitled "Great Moves: Learning Chess Through History," the goal of this project is to use chess to increase cultural literacy among middle school students. Your contribution will help us complete this project and begin work on additional curriculum that connects chess to our broader world.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

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