New York and Connecticut Schools

In the 2015-16 school year, NSCF instructors will teach over 150 classes in over 70 schools in 30 different communities. And we are always open to adding more.

The NSCF specializes in curricular instruction where chess is offered to all students during the school day. Our approach to teaching chess in the curriculum is unique. As all students in a curricular class are required to study chess, there will invariably be a wide spectrum of ability and interest. NSCF instructors make it their responsibility to ensure that everyone is engaged. To this end, we de-emphasize the result and focus on the move selection process. This approach minimizes performance anxiety and encourages experimentation and risk-taking. Every stage in the original version of Bloom’s taxonomy is addressed here. To Bloom's list, a chess player would add ‘decision’ as that is the culminating stage of the process. 

The NSCF also provides chess instruction as an enrichment activity for elementary, middle and high school students. Enrichment classes are oriented more towards preparing for tournament play as the majority of students who elect to take them have some interest in competing. Most of these classes run after school but can also be early morning or lunch-time clubs. Several studies have shown that regular participation in high-quality after school programs is linked to significant gains in standardized test scores and improved work habits, increased student attendance and engagement in school as well as a reduction in behavior problems.

Please contact the NSCF office if your school is interested in offering one of our programs.




NSCF Schools in NY and CT

The NSCF offers chess instruction within the curriculum as well as after school.  In New York and Connecticut we operate programs in over 70 schools in 30 different communities.

Our NY and CT Schools

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