Demystifying Chess: Thinking Skills Workshops for Teachers, Youth Mentors and Parent Volunteers

The National Scholastic Chess Foundation (NSCF) has partnered with the City of Sunrise and the Broward Education Foundation to establish sustainable in school and after school chess programs as a means of improving educational outcomes for the children of Sunrise and across Broward County. The program is called The Next Move Chess Initiative and a key component is training teachers to teach chess.

Chess introduces critical thinking at an early age. The need to comprehend, analyze and evaluate information on a continual basis is a process that every chess player follows. It is this process that is emphasized throughout the chess curriculum regardless of the specific chess content that is taught at each grade level.

The NSCF chess teacher training program will equip teachers so that they may:

   1) understand and appreciate the moves of any master game;

   2) gain confidence in their assessment of positions;

   3) understand the move selection process;

   4) make reasonable decisions based on their observation and analysis.

With NSCF’s two Demystifying Chess Workshops, teachers and other youth workers and mentors will be able to help students achieve success with chess and apply the skills they acquire to other subjects. The goal of the workshops is not to dictate a specific curriculum but to provide the outline of key concepts and the order in which they should be introduced to have children playing chess successfully in a short period of time.

What you will learn:


Even if you’ve never played chess, this one-day workshop will prepare you to teach a chess program at your school. The workshop covers key topics for a 13+ week program of chess instruction, across all grade levels.

The workshop includes NSCF’s curriculum outline, referral to grade appropriate resources, and on-going training online (account set-up instructions are supplied with your workshop materials).

Now being offered over 2 evenings: Wednesday, April 26

and Thursday, April 27 from 6 to 9 pm

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The second session begins with a review of Workshop #1 concepts, then moves beyond the basics of chess to cover topics taught in weeks 14 through 22+ of the NSCF in-the-curriculum program. The class builds upon the skills taught in day 1, teaches how to combine tactics, recognize patterns and analyze master-level games.

The workshop includes NSCF’s curriculum outline, referral to grade appropriate resources, and on-going training online (individual account set-up instruction is supplied with your workshop materials).

Saturday, May 6 from 9:15 am to 4:45 pm (lunch included)



Fee for Workshops: $250.00 each$0 – These workshops are generously underwritten by the City of Sunrise and the Broward Education Foundation. Limited seating. For info, email


These workshops are presented in part by


Recommended books for beginning players.